Let your wishes come true

Create your customized online wishlist in only 2 clicks and share it with friends and family - no registration required

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wishsite in three steps

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1. Create wishlist

Create your own wishlist without any registration - it's totally free. Add as many items to your wishlist as you want. You can add items from an online shop, from the florist around the corner or search our partner shops with our integrated search function.

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2. Share wishlist

Share your wishlist with your friends and family. Only invited people will have access to your wishlist. Anyone else is denied access.

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3. Get wishes fulfilled

Those who are invited to your wishlist will reserve the wishes they want to fulfil. That way you'll never get the same present twice.

wishsite for each event


Make your wedding unique - with the right presents.


Don't get any present twice again.


Last year there were only socks underneath the christmas tree? Change it with wishsite.


Get the necessary items for you and your baby.

First day at school

Get everything you need for a successful start.

And many more

Feel free to use wishsite for any occasion: BBQ, Bar Mizwah, ...

Your benefits

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Free of charge

wishsite is totally free - no matter how many wishlists you create.

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No registration

You don't need to sign up to use wishsite - you can start right away.

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Easy to use

The handling of wishsite is easy and intuitive. Don't hesitate to send your wishlist to your grandparents.

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Integrated reservations

Your wishlist items can be reserved. That way everyone else knows which item is still free - you'll never get the same present twice.

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Image upload

Get suitable images proposed for your items or upload your own.

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Social media integration

Share your wishlist with our integrated functions via e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter.

Users' comments about wishsite

Speech bubble e0b72ae7a14d586585b11bf89015f18b5f286930a7456aca9d5777e97b4854bc "Free and without registration - fantastic offer."

Speech bubble e0b72ae7a14d586585b11bf89015f18b5f286930a7456aca9d5777e97b4854bc "It's easy, handy and free of charge. What else do you want?"

Speech bubble e0b72ae7a14d586585b11bf89015f18b5f286930a7456aca9d5777e97b4854bc "I'm very happy with wishsite and I definitely recommend it. It's second to none!"