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Your Christmas wish list with wishsite

Create your own Christmas wish list in 2 clicks and send it to your family and friends - no registration required

  • Free of charge
  • Easy to use
  • No registration

wishsite in three steps

1. Create wish list

Create your own wish list without any registration - it's totally free. Add as many items to your wish list as you want. You can add items from an online shop, from the florist around the corner or search our partner shops with our integrated search function.

2. Share wish list

Share your wish list with your friends and family. Only invited people will have access to your wish list. Anyone else is denied access.

3. Get wishes fulfilled

Those who are invited to your wish list will reserve the wishes they want to fulfill. That way you'll never get the same present twice.

Have a merry Christmas with wishsite

Would you like to open the presents you really wish for this Christmas day?

Then join wishsite today! Create your own Christmas wish list with wishsite and send it by e-mail or Facebook to your family and friends. They can then see what presents you’d really like and can take time to choose and reserve the perfect gift for you. Everyone knows what items have already been purchased and nothing will be bought twice. And you don’t have to waste time telling everyone what you wish for this Christmas.

wishsite is so easy to use; it can even be sent to your younger siblings as well as your grandma and granddad. You can see if someone has already bought a gift and what ‘wishes’ are still waiting to be ticked off the list. Nobody needs to ask you what you’d like this Christmas.

A few minutes is all it takes to create your wishsite Christmas wish list - and you don’t need to be an Internet expert. You can add a Christmassy background to your wish list to get family and friends into the Christmas spirit.

Your benefits

Free of charge

wishsite is totally free - no matter how many wish lists you create.

No registration

You don't need to sign up to use wishsite - you can start right away.

Easy to use

The handling of wishsite is easy and intuitive. Don't hesitate to send your wish list to your grandparents.

Integrated reservations

Your wish list items can be reserved. That way everyone else knows which item is still free - you'll never get the same present twice.

Image upload

Get suitable images proposed for your items or upload your own.

Social media integration

Share your wish list with our integrated functions via e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter.

Users' comments about wishsite

"Free and without registration - fantastic offer."

"It's easy, handy and free of charge. What else do you want?"

"I'm very happy with wishsite and I definitely recommend it. It's second to none!"

About wishsite

Every year the same question: "What do you actually want for Christmas?" And every year you realize that you've already forgotten all the wishes you actually wanted to remember.

And every year you resolve to be better prepared next time. That's exactly why we created wishsite.

With wishsite you can collect your wish ideas throughout the year. And then when the first question about your wishes comes, you can simply refer to your online wish list.

But first things first. What is an online wish list anyway? You'll get the best impression if you try out our demo wish list.

Put our demo wish list through its paces and get to know all our features that will make your life easier later on when you create your own wish list.

If you like wishsite, create your own wish list with just a few clicks. After you have created your wish list, you are ready to go.

To add wishes to your wish list, you can either create a new wish using the form below the wish list. Or you can use our integrated wish search to find suitable products in our partner stores.

Once you have your wishes together, simply send the link to your wish list to your friends and family via email, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook or however you like.

The best thing is that only those who have received the link from you will be added to your wish list. Unwanted visitors stay outside.

But whoever comes to your wish list can choose a wish at their leisure and reserve it. So everyone else knows immediately which wishes are already fulfilled and you will never get a gift twice.

But now enough talked about us. After all, this is about you. Go ahead and create your own wish list now. Or try our demo wish list first. With this in mind: Merry Christmas! 🎄🎄🎄