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Your birthday wish list with wishsite

Create your own birthday wish list in 2 clicks and send it to your family and friends - no registration required

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wishsite for your birthday

Soon another year will be over!

And you're probably already getting numerous questions about what you actually want for your birthday. If not, it will certainly start soon.

To make it easier for you, you can simply create an online gift registry with wishsite and send it to your friends and family. They can then select and reserve the gifts they would like to give you. This way, everyone knows what is already being given and there are no duplicate gifts anymore. And you save yourself time-consuming questions about your wishes so you have more time to look forward to your birthday!

With wishsite you finally get the right gifts for your birthday. Terrible gifts are now a thing of the past. The wish list is created with one click and distributed to friends and relatives with a second click. This leaves more time to plan the actual birthday party!

Never receive the same gift twice and no more annoying questions asking you what you wish for. Everyone who has access to the birthday wish list can choose a wish, reserve it and then fulfill it. This saves everyone's nerves. You as the birthday child will no longer get annoying requests. And your friends and relatives won't need to constantly ask you what you actually want.

With wishsite really anyone can create an online wish list

1. Create wish list

Create your own wish list without prior registration - completely free of charge. Add as many wishes as you like, e.g. directly from an online shop, from the flower store around the corner or via our integrated wish search.

2. Share wish list

Send your wish list to your friends and family. Only those who are invited have access to your wish list. Uninvited guests stay outside.

3. Get your wishes

Visitors of your wish list can reserve the wishes they would like to fulfill. This way, there will never be a duplicate gift again.

A few of the highlights wishsite has to offer

Free of charge

wishsite is completely free - no matter how many wish lists you create.

No registration

You don't need to sign up to use wishsite - you can start right away.

Easy to use

The handling of wishsite is easy and intuitive. Don't hesitate to send your wish list to your grandparents.

Integrated reservations

Your wish list items can be reserved. That way everyone else knows which item is still free - you'll never get the same present twice.

Image upload

Get suitable images proposed for your items or upload your own.

Social media integration

Share your wish list with our integrated functions via e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter.

Your opinion is very important to us!

It's easy, handy and free of charge. What else do you want?

wishsite was a helpful support for planning our wedding gifts! Even our older guests got along great with our online wish list.

For the birth of our little one, we created a wish list with wishsite. This was a huge help because we could tell exactly what we still needed and what we already had.

I'm very happy with wishsite and I definitely recommend it. It's second to none!

I have a big family, so I always had to answer a lot of questions about my birthday and Christmas wishes. Now I just create a wish list at wishsite and share it with my relatives.

I have been using wishsite for years. Now I even used it to organize the last BBQ party. And it worked out great!

About wishsite

One person can hardly wait, the other is surprised that another year has passed. But everyone is threatened by the same question shortly before their birthday: "What gift would you be happy with this year?" And every year, one finds it harder to answer.

All the nice ideas and gift wishes you had over the year, you forgot just in time for your own birthday. But that's exactly what wishsite is for.

wishsite is your wish list that accompanies you throughout the year. Enter new wishes as soon as they come to your mind and send the completed wish list to everyone who wants to make you happy on your birthday.

Thousands of birthday boys and girls already trust us and regularly plan their birthdays with us.

If you want to get a better impression of what wishsite has to offer, try out our demo wish list.

Here you can try out all the features that you will later have on your real wish list. Test the wish search, the reservation function, upload your own background and much more.

Did our demo convince you? Then create your own wish list with just a few clicks.

Add as many wishes as you like to your wish list. Either use the form below the wish list or search for matching products in our partner stores using our integrated wish search

Then send the link to your wish list to your friends and family. By mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter - it doesn't matter.

And only those who receive the link to your wish list will have access to it. So you can be sure that no one unwanted comes to your wish list.

Whoever gets the link can choose a wish at their leisure and reserve it. So everyone else knows immediately which wish is already fulfilled and you will never get a gift twice.

Now you got a first impression. But the best thing is to try it yourself and create your own wish list. Or try our demo wish list first. No matter if demo or real wishlist - wishsite is completely free.