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Your online wedding gift registry

Create your own wedding gift registry in just two clicks and send it to your guests - no registration required

  • Free of charge
  • Easy to use
  • No registration

wishsite in three steps

1. Create wish list

Create your own wish list without any registration - it's totally free. Add as many items to your wish list as you want. You can add items from an online shop, from the florist around the corner or search our partner shops with our integrated search function.

2. Share wish list

Share your wish list with your friends and family. Only invited people will have access to your wish list. Anyone else is denied access.

3. Get wishes fulfilled

Those who are invited to your wish list will reserve the wishes they want to fulfill. That way you'll never get the same present twice.

wishsite for your wedding

Planning a wedding can be really stressful. Let wishsite help by coordinating and organizing the gifts for you.

Create your own personalized wedding gift registry with wishsite and either print the link to your wedding list on your wedding invitations or send the list by e-mail. Your guests can then take their time to browse through the list of gifts and reserve the ones they would like to buy you. In this way everyone knows what items have already been purchased and nothing will be bought twice. And you don’t have to spend time telling your guests what you wish for.

It’s simple and fun to create a wedding gift registry with wishsite. It makes planning the wedding list incredibly easy.

You no longer have to worry about coordinating the wedding presents and can invest the saved time and energy in other wedding details.

Your benefits

Free of charge

wishsite is totally free - no matter how many wish lists you create.

No registration

You don't need to sign up to use wishsite - you can start right away.

Easy to use

The handling of wishsite is easy and intuitive. Don't hesitate to send your wish list to your grandparents.

Integrated reservations

Your wish list items can be reserved. That way everyone else knows which item is still free - you'll never get the same present twice.

Image upload

Get suitable images proposed for your items or upload your own.

Social media integration

Share your wish list with our integrated functions via e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter.

Users' comments about wishsite

"Free and without registration - fantastic offer."

"It's easy, handy and free of charge. What else do you want?"

"I'm very happy with wishsite and I definitely recommend it. It's second to none!"

About wishsite

Your wedding, the most beautiful day in your life. But the planning for it? It's a pain: guests, location, catering, flowers, decoration, finances, ...

We can't take care of everything, but at least we can make it easier for you to wish. Because with wishsite you can create your personal wedding wish list for free and without prior registration.

Why does this make your wedding planning easier? It's simple: Instead of giving each guest a few gift ideas or instructing your groomsmen what to give, you can create a central wish list that all guests can access later.

This will not only save you from annoying queries, but also from unwanted or duplicate gifts.

Before you decide to create a wish list at wishsite, you are welcome to take a look at our demo wish list. Here you can get a good impression of how our wish list works.

Test our demo wish list as long as you like. After all, you should have a good feeling with us, it's about your wedding after all.

By the way, thousands of other wedding couples have already put their trust in us and created their wedding wish lists with us.

After you have created your virtual "wedding table", you can either add a new wish using the form below the wish list or you can search for suitable ideas using our integrated wish search.

Once you have added all your wishes, you only need to share the link to your wish list with your guests. The rest happens by itself!

A little tip: Print the link to your wish list directly on your invitation cards so that every guest knows immediately where to look.

Those who have received the link can then take their time to choose a gift they would like to fulfill and reserve it. This avoids duplicate gifts (and the aforementioned queries).

We could go on raving about wishsite for a long time, but this is not about us, but about your, or rather your big day. Go ahead and create your own wish list for your wedding now. Or try our demo wish list first. And don't forget: have fun!